Addis Ababa, 31May (WIC)- Special representative of China's government to African Affairs, Ambassador Liu Guijin, said that the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and China are on the basis of securing mutualbenefits.


In a recent interview with WIC, Ambassador Liu said that the two countries cemented strong ties in all aspects of areas including political, economic, social, trade, cultural, environmental, science and technology.

According to the ambassador, Chinese investment in Ethiopia has increased rapidly ranging from sectors of finance, manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

“China's investment have brought multiple benefits to Ethiopia, providing better technology transfer, more development opportunities and choices for the local people,” Liu said.

China exports mainly engineering and construction goods to Ethiopia while it imports agricultural produces such as coffee and sesame from Ethiopia. Chinese companies andinvestors are also looking into investment opportunities in the country.

“Besides creating job opportunities to a number of Ethiopians, investment activities of Chinese investors and construction companies are also facilitating technology transfer,” he told WIC.

The ambassador commended the ‘visionary’ government strategies and programs of the Ethiopian government for the ‘remarkable’ development of the country over the past eight years.

“China closely follows and respects the internal principle, strategy and policy of Ethiopia without any interference [on internal matters],” he added.

According to the ambassador China's overall investment in Africa, which is showing a steady increase over the years, has reached over 250 million dollars.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 31 May 2011 )