journalists of African Renaissance (JAR) applauded Ethiopian‘s and Ghana’s efforts to work closely with medias concerning the developmental and democratization issues being undertaken in Africa.

The two African nations are better in their efforts to use media for enhancing democracy and good governance and respecting the freedom of media, they said.

“Ethiopia is doing its level best to promote its developmental and democratization efforts by understanding the role Medias play in informing people on what is going on around, president of JAR Moha Dahir Farah stressed.

In her exclusive interview with Us she said that some emerging democratic nations in Africa like Gahna and Ethiopia are doing better to make amendments in media through giving due respect so that the medias can participate in promoting peace and development with in the continent.

The journalists of African Renaissance who actively participated on Africa’s historic movements trainings held in Accra Ghana recently have observed the amendments of Ghana constitution on media context, she said.

She talks it was such historic moment for her to witness Land of Kwame Nakrumah which she calls an African Freedom Fighter from the colonial period, Slavery Coast which in Cape Coast now is able to lay democratic foundation on Africa by transferring power peacefully.

Moha says what made me really impressed was the fact that the media is recognized in this country by some of the officials like what I could observe the freedom of media in Ethiopia.

Ghanaian President H.E Rawlings admitted to me that the media has the capacity to influence the mass positively and can close its door to dictators in which he said is the bridge between mass and government.

Ms. Moha Dahir Farah says that she was keen to meet the former head of state and other history carriers of Ghana and Ethiopian government office of communication affairs minister Bereket Simon who are committed to promote the African media understanding the role of the media it plays in building democracy and good governance.

the media are trying hard in the continent to have capacity to cover the events pit by pit but still we luck the experience, knowledge and the luck to advantage unlike the Western Media, who got opportunities all time available for them to take advantage from, I still would like to call some African governments to budget their media’s yearly for them to develop so the countries can develop, and lead the whole continent in to development as well, she commented.

Moha D. Farah that Africa is developing but the media is not well invested so far so they should collaborate with democratic governments and push them to be developed in wise manner so what they are transmitting to their citizens can be great and lead all Africa in to peaceful, stable and developed Africa with one Goal, one Dream One Reality and destroy illiteracy in the continent, crises of poverty.

she also thanked Ethiopian minister of information Mr.Bereket Simon & underlined that he is a person proving his readiness to develop Ethiopian Media and welcomes all African Media to Ethiopia with open hands which can make international media to come and enjoy the Ethiopian people and governments hospitality reception. She also praises Ghanaian commitment towards media freedom after holding talks with President Jerry Rawlings by committing the role of the media in aspects of political life.

“Africa is making rapid political, social and economic advances,” she said, “we, African journalists, must work to promote these values by informing the public.” It was learnt.

JAR was founded two years ago in Addis Ababa, AU momentum of 12 extra ordinarily section now is trying to develop Africa’s media, it was learnt.

Last Updated (Thursday, 17 March 2011 20:09)