Addis Ababa, March 17 (WIC) – President Girma Weldegiorgis has conveyed his condolences today to the people and government of Japan for the tragic loss of life caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country on Friday, March 11, 2011.

President Girma said at an event held at the Embassy of Japan today that “on behalf of the people and government of Ethiopia and that of my own, I would like to extend to you and, through you, to the entire people and government of Japan, my condolences on the loss of lives and destructions of property caused by massive earth quake and tsunami which scammed northern Japan and other areas on Friday March 11, 2011”

“At this time of natural tragedy, I would like to express my heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the people and government of Japan and bereaved families of the victims of this tragedy,” he added.

Meanwhile, religious leaders in Ethiopia have also expressed their condolences over the earth quake and tsunami which struck Japan last week.

His Holiness Abune Paulos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church said that "no one was untouched by the tragic situation that occurred in Japan. “Everybody is closely following what is going on in Japan, a country of hardworking people".

Abune Paulos further expressed sorrow for those who lost their lives and loved ones in the tragic accident.  He also said that he is hopeful that those affected by the quake and tsunami will recover from the ordeal.

The religious leaders handed over a letter of condolence to Yoshiaki Ito, Minister/ Deputy Head of Mission at the Japanese Embassy in Ethiopia.

Ito on his part said that Japan has experienced a disaster that is shocking and of unimaginable scale. After thanking the religious leaders for sharing the sorrow of the Japanese people, Ito said that the encouragement coming from various corners of the world give those affected by the disaster good hope to recover from the pain.

Archbishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, Abune Berhaneyesus Surafel, President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Sheik Ahmedin Sheik Abdulahi, Head of the EOC External Affairs Department, His Holiness Archbishop Dr. Abune Gerima, and Vice-President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church, Mekane Yesus, Reverend Dereje Jemberu attended the event.

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