Addis Ababa, March 17 (WIC) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it is undertaking various activities to enhance the participation of Ethiopian Diaspora in the ongoing democratization,development and peace endeavors of the country.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Ambassador Berhane Gebrekirstos, told journalists here on Wednesday that activities are underway to bolster the involvement of Ethiopians residing aboard in the comprehensive development efforts of the country through acquainting them with government’s five-year strategic plan.

He said the ministry has a plan to carry out discussions on the new five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) with Ethiopians residing in 13 American States after a month.

The discussions to be held in the presence of senior federal and regional government officials, Ethiopian embassies, consulate generals and diplomats will help offer the necessary information about the GTP to Ethiopians living there.

Ambassador Berhane indicated that similar discussions would be carried out with Ethiopian residing in various parts of the world.

Commenting on activities of Ethiopian embassies abroad, he said that the embassies are currently working rigorously to attract more investors, expand inward technology transfer and explore for new export markets.

He said the embassies are currently endeavoring to explore for new export markets in order to attain the target set to raise nation’s export revenue to 10 billion USD from the current 2 billion USD over the coming five years.

Concerning the current situations in Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and other North African and Middle East countries, he said that the government of Ethiopia has a similar stand with the African Union (AU) about the situations in these countries.

Ambassador Berhane added that the government would not be negligent towards preventing anti-peace forces that are striving to deter Ethiopia’s effort to alleviate poverty.

Ethiopia would take measures against the Eritrean government, which is engaged in daunting the ongoing peace, development and democratization process in Ethiopia.

The government of Ethiopia is closely watching Eritrea’s frequent attempt to destabilize Ethiopia, he said, and added the international community should take the necessary measures against the Eritrean government.

Concerning Nile River, Ambassador Berhane said Ethiopia has a strong desire to use the Nile River in consent with other Nile riparian countries.

He said Ethiopia wants to boost its electric power generation capacity by constructing electric power dams on the Nile River. Other development works began on Nile River will also be strengthened in the future, he added.

Last Updated (Thursday, 17 March 2011 16:30)