Addis Ababa, February 21 (WIC) –Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has urged Ethiopians in the Diaspora to strengthen their joint efforts in the endeavors to successfully implement the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).


In an exclusive interview with WIC, PM Meles said that Ethiopians in the Diaspora need to further consolidate their efforts and do their part for the efficient implementation of the GTP, a plan which aims at extricating the country out of poverty.

He emphasized that they could play their part for the realization of the plan by filling the gabs in financing and execution capacity, which are still major challenges in the implementation of the GTP.

Ethiopians in the Diaspora could also put their savings in Ethiopian institutions which make available for Ethiopian entities through bank loans, PM Meles said, adding that they can also buy government bonds and use their savings for their own projects at home, thus contributing to the overall development efforts of the country.

According to PM Meles, building implementation capacity of government institutions is another crucial area in which Ethiopians in the Diaspora need to meaningfully engage in.

PM Meles also valued the participation Diaspora Ethiopians have been making in providing services, expertise and make their expertise available to use directly by volunteering to work in government institutions.

He said that those who have railway engineering expertise approached relevant government enterprise and respective government institutions and expressed their willingness to support the government.

PM Meles further said that the government of Ethiopia would employ various capacity building tools to efficiently realize the plan and advance economic growth of the country over the coming five years.

According to PM Meles, KIZEN, which is a Japanese management philosophy, is one of the tools that Ethiopia will employ to attain its plan.

He said KIZEN is basically a management philosophy allowing companies to continuously improve their productivity and product quality. It has been extremely successful not only in Japan but also in some African countries where the system was introduced, the Premier added.

Hence, the introduction of KIZEN in Ethiopia will have a significant contribution in the efforts being made to realize GTP, improve Ethiopia’s economy and modernize the management system of both public and private enterprises.

The government of Ethiopia is currently implementing KIZEN at a pilot level in partnership with the Japan International cooperation agency (JICA) to improve productivity and product quality of private and public enterprises.