An exhibition and an illustrated talk were also held at the RGS on the afternoon of 10th November, promoting the natural resources and wildlife in the Gambella state. As Ambassador Berhanu said in his introduction, the afternoon event offered a comprehensive perspective on the tourism and investment potential of Gambella.

Renowned BBC film-maker John Purdie showed a film of the current state of affairs in national park development, tourism and agriculture. Gambella National Park shares the second largest migration with neighbouring Sudan; white eared kob (antelope) migrate in vast numbers between the two countries. The Government of Ethiopia, with its partners in the Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre (HOA-REC), are seeking to establish a blueprint for how to conserve the natural resources of the country and, at the same time, use these resources in the most efficient and effective manner to improve the livelihood of its citizens.

HOA-REC, together with international partners, is undertaking a survey and count of wildlife and the general natural habitat in the area. The Ambassador said ”We hope the survey will enable the Government of Ethiopia to develop a sustainable strategy of natural conservation and environmental-friendly agriculture and tourism activities.”

Additional guest speakers included Dr. Araya Asfaw and Sanne van Aarst of  HOA-REC, Dr Elfinesh Haile from Ethiopia’s Tourism Ministry and Dr Kifle Argaw Workagegnehu, Director General of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority. Investors from the UK, Holland and the United States who are keen on environmental-friendly economic activities attended the event.

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