Lese passé

  • Fully completed and signed application form CS01
  • 4 photographs (see type of photos )
  • Reason of request statement
  • Copy of old passport
  • Or birth certificate or education certificate or other similar certificates originated from Ethiopian government and attested by Ministry of foreign affairs of Ethiopia (copy and original)
  • Or testimony by three Ethiopians with their passport copy and interview by the consular officer
  • Garda (GNIB) Card or any ID (copy and original)
  • For those who stayed in Ireland five or more years affidavit about their nationality (see form CS16)
  • To have fingerprint captured in front of embassy staff
  • Appropriate fee (see service fees)
  • Lese passé is valid for one way trip to Ethiopia for six months from the date of issue


  • Minor
    • A minor may enter the country with out separate document if registered on the passport of the person who accompanies him
    • If a minor is traveling alone he shall have a person who shall assume responsibility for him in the country
    • A minor, who’s parent is, Naturalized Ethiopian may enter the country if the Person of Ethiopian origin ID data of his parent is stamped on his passport
    • Visa fees for adults and minors are the same
  • Credit and ATM cards
    • Credit card acceptance is now growing throughout the country,
    • Some banks in Addis Ababa and few other main cities issue cash withdrawals on cards up to US$500.00 per day paid in birr
    • ATMs for Visa and other cards can now be found in some banks, and in Addis Ababa’s few main hotels.
    • Foreign currency exchange service is given by many banks in Addis Ababa
    • Travelers’ checks can be exchanged to cash in many banks
    • The following links may help to locate ATM service branches
    • http://www.dashenbanksc.com/atmnetwork/index.htm
    • http://www.combanketh.com/branchatm.php

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